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Let’s face it – there are many times when we have to leave our pets alone during the day while we take care of our own obligations. The sad-eyed look they give us as we walk out the door is enough to tear your heart out! Some people pay up to $20 per hour for a pet sitter to walk and spend a short period of time with their pets. Why do that when daycare is available?

The term “dog daycare” describes a supervised environment in which dogs play off-leash with other dogs. Dog daycare is a service for busy parents who want to provide their pet with exercise, playtime and socialization.

There are numerous benefits to dog daycare. First of all, the dogs learn how to play with other dogs and increase their social skills. Second, dogs use up a lot of energy during their playtime, which makes for a well rested pet at night. Rather than coming home to a hyper dog that has been alone all day and craves attention, you can pick up a dog whose energy level more closely matches yours in the evening. Third, dog daycare helps alleviate behavior problems. Most trainers agree that a majority of behavior problems (for example, excessive barking, chewing and digging) result from a lack of exercise. Finally, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog will be well cared for and having fun during the day while you are out. No more guilt!

Reasons to Use Dog Daycare

1. Your full time job leaves your dog home alone 5 days a week
2. Your dog has separation anxiety
3. You are having work done in your home
4. You are attending an all day event
5. You are having a house party
6. Your dog is destructive when left alone

At daycare, your pet will be playing with other guests that are alike in size and/or temperament. All play is supervised by a trained staff member to ensure that play never gets out of hand. We always have one staff member on hand for each group of 10 dogs.

Of course, romping and playing all day can be hard on your pet’s bones if done on a hard surface like concrete. That’s why at Merry Mutts our large playroom is covered with Tenderfoot vulcanized rubber flooring made especially for dog daycare. Tenderfoot reduces the amount of stress on your pet’s joints, back and muscles while they play. It is similar to the rubber floor used in high end sports clubs.

All guests are given a nap and feeding time between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm. Playing is a very tiring activity! A short nap allows our guests to rest up for their afternoon fun. It also decreases the likeliness of “crankiness” in the afternoon.

When you pick up your pet from daycare you will be greeted by a happy, contented friend who has been mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day and is now ready to relax with their parents.

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